The Encrypted Story

Welcome folks and thanks a lot at the same time for showing interest in visiting the about section of the Encrypted Heart Project. As you can guess, this is not like some classified national security projects or some multi-million dollar commercial project. This is all about a teenage boy and his bunch of dreams. I am interested in graphic designing and webpage development since my boyhood. Since my entry in the open cyberspace, I have been dreaming of having my own space where i can share my thoughts, store my favorite files and interact with my friends. After surfing hundreds of thousands of pages, finally realized that nothing can be more suitable for me than wordpress. So i started learning web designing in this extremely powerful platform of blogging. Though the whole website still represents an immature designing but i hope from the core of my heart that one day it will be a self sustaining website. Once other people will be able to keep their faith on Encrypted Heart for their each and every needs.

Official Logo of The Encrypted Heart Project

Logo Of Encrypted Heart Project

As I already told in the previous section, the development process is not completed yet. So you are welcome to share all your ideas, comments and suggestions to make this development process better and successful.

3 thoughts on “The Encrypted Story

    • thanks a lot Sajida. That’s so kind of you. you also have a really wonderful blog here…. keep that going and tell me anything if you wanna say about my blog so that i can make it better and more informative……..

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