Couple On Beach!!!

Sea beaches are always a very heart touching place to spend some good times with family, friends or with loved one’s. As a lover of the nature, it’s always been my favorite place to pass my free times in touch f a sea beach whenever i got a chance to pass. I had the pleasure to visit The sea beach of Cox Baazar, the largest sea beach of the world. Its such a beautiful place that everyone will have to fall in love with its beauty. Last time when i visited this beach, i had the honor to meet a couple came here to visit this beach from India. Recently they got married and came here to pass some good time as a part of their honeymoon. While their visit, they stayed in the same hotel as i stayed in cox baazar. We kind of got introduced at the hotel lobby and i  think they are really some good guys. They requested me to pick some of their photos and they offered me to have a dinner with them. It was a very enjoyable memory. still I can remember those happy faces. I could have kept some of heir photos as they offered me to keep some of them but i thought they are on their honeymoon. So its not good to keep their photo in my possession. But to be honest, I still remember  them and wish a very very happy married life to them. May the Almighty keep them happy always.

While coming back from cox baazar, One day i was looking for something in Google when i found this beautiful vector illustration. This illustration reminded me of them very much and thought you might also like this. If you like this illustration, don’t forget to say thanks and put a like on this post please.

Couple at Beach - vector graphics

A beautiful vector graphics – Couple at Beach

You are just a click away from downloading this awesome illustration. Use adobe Illustrator for any type of modifications or change if you want.

Click Here to Download This File

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